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Few Things To Remember While Playing Wingman For Your Friends

They say marriages are made in heaven. Then relationships might also be the fruit of destiny, isn’t it? As a wingman a person does the warm job of helping in getting two people into a relationship or dating. But being a wingman can be very tricky because you could be the cause of making or breaking the connection between the girl and boy. In case anything goes wrong then you would be caught up in the mess and you might be blamed for introducing your undeserving friend to the other person of opposite sex. Here are a few essential tips to play a great wingman.

Advise your friend against an incompatible match

Being a wingman is a responsible task and it’s your duty to make best possible efforts to bring the two people close while helping in breaking the ice. But sometimes in a bar it may happen that your friend chooses a target match who might be way better than your friend. The target person might be more attractive, sophisticated and haughty. So try to make your friend understand in a polite manner that your success as wingman would be doubtful. You should make sure not to hurt the self esteem of anyone.

Six Golden Rules to be the Perfect Wingman

Six Golden Rules to be the Perfect Wingman

Don’t charm your friend’s target unknowingly

When you approach the target for your friend then your decorum is very important. The target will form an image of your friend by the company he keeps i.e. you. You should be prepared for scrutiny. Be warm in your approach but you must make sure that you don’t wink, smile naughtily or drop a hint unknowingly. Being faithful to your friend is the essential trait of a good wingman. Even if your friend’s proposal gets rejected and the target shows interest in you, then better avoid it. That’s the moral duty of a true wingman to be trustworthy.

Create natural looking situations for interaction

If the things will be too much made up then they will look crafty. To avoid that, a creative and sensible wingman should create comfortable and easy situations for his friend and the potential partner to meet. It could be done by carefully approaching the target and checking if she isn’t surrounded by her parents or boyfriend. Then you could introduce yourself and invite her to chat up in your lounge area in the bar while introducing your friend to her.

Top 10: Wingman Approach Techniques

Top 10: Wingman Approach Techniques

If she is in a circle in which a few girls are giving attention to you, then you can use that to your friend’s advantage. You can bring along your friend and start conversation with other girls while casually introducing your friend to the target. This may lighten up the situation. Tactics and presence of mind are the qualities that as a wingman you should use.


As a wingman your responsibility is both for your friend as well the potential partner for your friend whom you approach. Your skills, nature, behavior, kindness etc are very essential to break the ice between two people who are strangers to one another. Therefore saying the right thing in the correct situation to the correct person is extremely essential.

Healthy Eating Habits You Should Teach Your Kids

Healthy eating habits are about everybody’s priority today. It is even most important if it involves your kids whose health is your primary responsibility. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by ensuring that your kids know what they can eat and what they cannot at least for health reasons.

So what is a habit?

A habit is simply an established custom. It is a behavior that is ingrained in your life and may be out of experience or influence or from systematic learning. Note that a habit can either be desirable in this case be a positive habit or it may be undesirable in which case it is a negative habit. Practically most of what you do has come about as a habit. Generally everybody wants to hold on to positive habits and kick out negative ones in areas of life. One of the ways to accomplish this is by establishing the positive habit in your kids.

How can you help encourage healthy eating habits for your kids?

How can you help encourage healthy eating habits for your kids?

Why teach them these habits?

Children are the very good learners. You would be surprised what a kid can do after a very short demonstration. In much the same manner you can also teach then what is good habit especially when it comes to things like dieting, hygiene and communication. The benefit is once they pick the habit while young they will never let go of it. What counts is if you teach them a good habit.

Teaching kids healthy eating habits

Now that you know that kids are the best learners perhaps you should consider teaching them the following healthy dieting habits:

  • Make a routine for eating snacks so that the kids do not over eat and encounter weight problems later. Once you have a defined procedure on what snacks to eat and when and you demonstrate by following the same routine you are likely to produce a healthy eating habit in your kids as far as snacks are concerned.

How to Teach Children to Eat Healthy

How to Teach Children to Eat Healthy

  • You may also need to slow down your kids when they are eating. With such a practice the kid is able to determine if they are full and if there is a need for a second serving. Eating at a slow pace helps the brain to adjust and register to the child whether they are full or still hungry after the first serving.

  • What is good and how much it costs is a good way to let your children know what they like and how much it costs. You can involve your kids in cooking and shopping for the food so that they also learn what is healthy and how it can be cooked.

  • You can also strictly define and guard the meal times and discourage other habits like eating while watching television which can subconsciously lead to over indulgence.

However, you must note that most of the habits that your kids pick up and especially what relates to their eating is directly picked from how they see you do it. Hence it is wise that you also practice these healthy eating habits

Fixed Vs Adjustable Mortgage – How To Choose Which Is Right For You

Emergencies are inevitable, and there will be times when you need to mortgage your house. For whatever reason, it is almost always important to know what kind of mortgage you are going to have. Doing mortgage without prior knowledge can cost you a lot of money, and it is essential to have thorough understanding on what kind of mortgage is suited for you and your situation. Not one mortgage type is applicable to everybody, so it’s best to consider your options first to save more time and money. Let us define fixed and adjustable mortgage, and see how to choose which is right for you.

What Fixed-Rate Mortgage Is?

Basically, fixed mortgages or fixed-rate mortgages is a kind of a fully amortizing mortgage loan where rate of the interest is fixed throughout the duration of the mortgage loan. What happens then is that the amount of payment and the duration of the loan is the same, regardless of whatever the trend of the interest rates. It is the one of the first types of loan created in the United States. Most of the time, banks offer around 16-year and 30-year mortgages, depending upon application. Recently however, there are now 40-year and 50-year mortgages.

Comparing Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Reverse Mortgages

Comparing Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Reverse Mortgages

Defining What Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Is?

Often called variable-rate mortgage; adjustable mortgage differs from fixed mortgage in a sense that the interest rate of the mortgage is adjusted periodically. The adjustment is based on the lenders cost from an index calculated by the lender, plus margins and interest rate caps. Adjustable mortgages have initial interest rates, which remain unchanged usually spanning the first two or three years of the loan. In the UK and Canada, this kind of mortgage is very popular. If interest rates increase, the cost will be higher, and borrowers usually agree upon taking the interest rate risk.

ARM vs. fixed-rate mortgages: What’s right for you?

ARM vs. fixed-rate mortgages: What’s right for you?

Which One is the Right for You?

Choosing between fixed and adjustable-rate mortgage depends on the capacity of the person to pay. One of the benefits of fixed-rate mortgages is that borrowers are protected from sudden and unexpected increases in monthly mortgage payments once interest rates are unstably high. Adjustable-rate mortgage however, lies on the fact that once lower interest rates happen, borrowers can enjoy lower payments of loans. If low payments in the near term are what you are eyeing at, then adjustable-rate mortgages would be beneficial for you. If you find out that the interest rates are always steadily climbing, and you are on a tight budget every month, then fixed-mortgages.

Whatever your case is, be sure to research further on the trends of rising or falling interest rates. It would also be wise to consider the rate of how you can pay for your mortgages. Can you pay for a mortgage that can span 30 years? Or can you pay your mortgage loan within a year or so? Nevertheless, always be ready first before and chose wisely.

3 Tips To Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch is a 30-second to 2-minute speech that summarizes a propositional value: be it a person, product, organization, service or event. The primary purpose of an elevator pitch is to make your most relevant point across as fast as you can and make a lasting impression. Just like hitting on that pretty girl while amidst an elevator ride.

There is so much pressure in crafting the perfect elevator speech. After all, you only have two minutes max to make a statement. So how do you condense your entire professional and personal qualification in so little time? Before starting on an elevator pitch script writing rampage, read these 3 tips first– then decide:

7 Tips for Creating a Knockout Elevator Pitch

7 Tips for Creating a Knockout Elevator Pitch

The Meat of the Content

There are three important items that you should include in your introduction: your name, what you do and how you do it. Giving your first and last name signals a better impact to the listener. There are so many Janes and Joes out there, how do you expect your target audience to remember you if they do not have access to your full name? Next is disclosing the field of industry you are currently in, and how you are helping the said industry with your skills and expertise.

To keep the flow of the conversation in the same thread, end your introductory speech with an open-ended question. When your listener responds, you listen carefully. The background of your listener is your cue on the benefits you can get if ever you will include this person in your circle of professional contacts.

Have you had success with a unique elevator pitch?

Have you had success with a unique elevator pitch?

Stand Out For Real

Every second counts, so you really have to make a memorable impression. Be creative and unique in introducing what you are selling. You can make mention someone famous and make a comparison with yourself, or introduce your most favorite hobby and related it to your branding. Choose your words carefully. In return, ask your listener something personal so you can get a glimpse of what he/she does after work hours.

Conversation Must Be Light and Friendly

While it is handy to have a ready-made elevator speech in formal gathering, a carefully rehearsed elevator pitch is recipe for a disaster in spontaneous meetings. Adjust your speech to the circumstances presented and give out only information that seems relevant at the moment. Keep the tone of the conversation real, casual and fluid.

If your elevator pitch is successful, then the result will probably end in an exchange of business cards. Remember, you only have little time to be unforgettable, so you better make the most out of your chance. Also, make sure your business card represents you well. It must look slick, professional and attractive. When you have mastered all of these, think that no place is strange enough to close business at.